HomeStreet Bank Bayfair Crown to be Decided on Mission Bay


Eacret was last across the starting line, but he was legal and that resulted in a first place finish. Miss Rock averaged 131.486 mph. Graham Trucking was second at 116.414 mph. Miss HomeStreet took third with an average of 111.255 mph. Peters & May was fourth at 108.103 mph.

Following the heat both Shane and Thompson asked for a drivers’ representative in order to challenge the gun jump penalty. Officials reviewed film of the start and said the penalties were justified. “It wasn’t even close,” said referee Doug Brow.

In heat 1B first place went to Andrew Tate at the wheel of U-9 Delta Realtrac, with an average speed of 149.895 mph. Brian Perkins was a close second in U-21 All Access Racing at 148.084 mph.

Jeff Bernard took third in U-7 Graham Trucking II, at 145.197 mph. Cal Phipps was unable to finish in U-27 Dalton Industries. He was wet down by another boat before the start and trailed the fleet for two laps before the engine stalled. Phipps also asked for a drivers’ representative, but no lane violation was called on the other boat.

Following the conclusion of heat 1B, the draw was held for the next round of preliminary heats. Boats in heat 2A, scheduled on Sunday at 12:30, include Peters & May, Delta Realtrac, Graham Trucking, and Dalton Industries.

Those in heat 2B, at 12:45, will be All Access Racing, Graham Trucking II, Miss HomeStreet, and Leland Unlimited Miss Rock. Another round of preliminary heats will be held at 2:30 and 2:45. The winner-take-all final heat is scheduled for 4:30 pm.

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How do I reach the San Diego Bayfair Race Office?

You can reach the office by calling 858-490-2189.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online at or at the entrance gates of East Vacation Island/Ski Beach, Crown Point or Fiesta Island.

Are there discounts for military members?

Active military and reservists get in for free to San Diego Bayfair with valid identification. Spouses attending with active will receive a 50 percent discount. Bayfair will host a Military Apprecation Day on Saturday, September 17.

I purchased tickets online. How do a redeem it?

Bring a print out of the ticket to San Diego Bayfair. Volunteers at the entrance of East Vacation Island/Ski Beach, Crown Point or Fiesta Island will exchange the ticket for a wristband.

Can I still reserve an RV space for this year’s Bayfair?

RV spaces are still available. Please call our office at 858-490-2189.

Am I allowed to bring alcohol into San Diego Bayfair?

The City of San Diego will no longer coolers of alcohol through the gates at Bayfair. RVers may have alcohol as long as it is consumed inside the RV or the immediate area.

Are dogs allowed at Bayfair?

Dogs are not permitted at San Diego Bayfair unless they are service animals and the appropriate documentation.

Are portable fire places allowed?

Yes. Please see the rule here pertaining to portable fire places here.

What’s the schedule of events?

The schedule of events can be found here.

Is the Vendor Village open to the public?

The Vendor Village is open to the general public and does not require a ticket. Access to watch the races or the music stage on East Vacation Island requires paid admission.

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Racing Actionn

Racing Action

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