Boat Racing at Bayfair


San Diego Bayfair offers a full weekend of boat racing for fans on Mission Bay. The following boat classes are schedule to participate at Bayfair, September 18-20, 2015.

H1 Unlimited
Considered among the fastest boats in the world, H1 Unlimited will crown its world champion at 2015 San Diego Bayfair. U1 Oberto driver Jimmy Shane is being chased by last year’s Bayfair champion J. Michael Kelly in the points race. One major mistake by either driver could cost them the championship.

At the final race of the season in San Diego, 11 H1 Unlimited teams are expected to chasing the Bill Muncey Cup. Returning to the saltwater of Mission Bay for the first since 2008, the fan-favorite Go3Racing hydroplane. Powered by a dual turbocharged Allison V-12, the boat is the only piston-powered one in the fleet.

The fully enclosed boats run up to 200 mph in the straightaways and drivers are subjected to similar forces of a fighter pilot in turns.

Grand Prix West
The popular Grand Prix West tour returns to Mission Bay and delivering the thunder for racing fans.

Powered by supercharged, big-block engines, these boats are a smaller version of an Unlimited hydroplane. The hydroplanes weigh about 3,000 pounds, approximately half the weight of their bigger and faster sibling. Gearheads will love the rumble as these boats light up the 1.5-mile Bill Muncey course.

Nine boats are expected to compete in San Diego as Grand Prix West begins to wind down its season.

RPM Racing Enterprises
RPM Racing Enterprises coordinates all of the American Power Boat Association race classes that will be competing on Mission Bay Friday-Sunday. Teams will be competing for crucial points in the quest for an APBA national championship.

Teams compete in front of East Vacation Island/Ski Beach with some practice sessions expected in front of Fiesta Island.

AX Hydroplane
According to the American Power Boat Association, AX Hydroplanes (50 mph) are for 12-year-olds and up. The AXH class allows young drivers to gain experience to better prepare them for the larger and faster classes. When a young racer hits 16, he or she can move on to one of the adult categories. With no upper age limit, AXH is also great for those returning to racing, those preparing for faster hydro racing, or those who primarily want to have fun.

A Stock Hydro
A Stock Hydro (ASH) is where many racers transition from Junior classes to Stock Outboard. This class is very popular, so full fields make for terrific, exciting competition in the 50- to 55-mph range.

C Stock Hydro
C Stock Hydro, or CSH, is one of APBA's biggest classes. Fast and fun, CSH gets up to 60-70 MPH in full fields of very determined racers. Double your fun: cross over to the PRO OSY-400 class for more water time on a weekend. CSH is where many racers keep honing their skills. The challenge never ends.

20 Super Stock Hydro
The 20 Super Stock Hydro (20SSH) class attracted over 100 racers in 2011, pushing for National titles and High Points. Jump in, squeeze the throttle and GO! This is a fun and highly competitive class, all around great for rookies and those new to the sport!

Crackerbox ("P") is one of the oldest Inboard Runabout classes, distingushed by the 2-person team of driver and rider seated side by side at the rear of the hull. A powerful modified engine, mounted amidships, powers these sprinting flatbottom hulls in impressively competitive races.

SST 45
The SST 45 Class, sometimes known as Formula Lights, is a highly competitive class for drivers of all varieties. Many drivers step up to OPC SST smallracing from the outboard kneeldown categories through the SST 45 Class. In fact, drivers can race identical equipment in both Stock Outboard's 45SS and OPC's SST 45. It is also a great training ground for the larger V-6 tunnel boat classes. Full fields of competitors challenge you to learn fast how to make the start and negotiate the turns at incredible speeds. SST 45s compete nationwide at OPC races.

Super Stock
Super Stock (SS) is a powerful, fast (100-plus mph) Inboard runabout class. These exciting flatbottom hulled boats are powered by high-winding, 427 cubic inch big block Chevrolet engines, based on the venerable L88 design, which must be mounted rear of amidships and drive forward through a V-drive. Drivers often run both Super Stock and Pro Stock, so you may see boats with SS/PS next to the number.

Pro Stock
Pro Stock Runabouts (PS) are a professional class of propeller-driven Inboard Racing Runabouts. The high speeds (120+ MPH) make Pro Stock an exciting class to drive or to watch. These flatbottom boats use non-supercharged, 500 cubic inch engines, mounted rear of amidships and driving forward through a V-drive; carburetion or fuel injection may be used. The same hull may be run in Super Stock, so you may see boats with SS/PS next to the number.

K Racing Runabout
K Racing Runabouts (K-Boats) are a professional class of propeller-driven Inboard Racing Runabouts, using virtually unlimited engines and fuel. Basically, anything goes. Drivers must be 21 years old and qualified, as these boats are extremely fast (competition speeds over 100 MPH, and a Kilo record of 147.265 mph).




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