Oh Boy! Oberto Wins Appeal and Bayfair

Oh Boy! Oberto and driver Steve David were reinstated as the winner of September’s San Diego Bayfair after H1 Unlimited upheld their appeal.

The decision comes more than six weeks after a technical issue disqualified the Madison, Ind.,-based team and gave the victory to rookie driver Jimmy Shaneappealpic and the Graham Trucking team. The Board of Directors of H1 Unlimited on October 31 voted to accept the recommendation of the committee hearing the appeal of the outcome. The Graham Trucking team has indicated it plans to file an appeal regarding the board’s decision.

“On behalf of my team and me personally, I want to thank the H1 appeals committee for their considerable research and deliberations resulting in their unanimous vote to support our appeal,” David wrote on his Facebook page. “And thus the H1 board vote to reinstate the Oh Boy! Oberto as the winner of the 2012 San Diego Bayfair race and the Peters and May North American Championship.”

Added Jeff Thomas, president of San Diego Bayfair Board of Directors: “We want to congratulate the Oh Boy! Oberto team and driver Steve David for their victory at San Diego Bayfair. While we wish H1 Unlimited would have arrived at a verdict sooner, we appreciate they were very thorough in the appeal process.”





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