Oh Boy! Oberto Wins Appeal and Bayfair


In a letter to H1 Chairman Sam Cole explaining the decision, committee chairman Fred Hauenstein wrote, “The hearing committee met by telephone conference and heard input from parties directly involved with the appeal as well as technical experts.  As a result, the committee unanimously agreed to allow the appeal.  In other words, recommending reversal of the DQ at the San Diego Final Race.”

In explaining the committee’s decision, Hauenstein said, “The H1 rules require that the low pressure flow rater data ONLY be used to judge legality of a contestant. However, in the final heat, the U-6 low pressure flow rater data was judged to be in error. There was an unacceptable amount of "noise" in the signal and the high pressure flow rater data was consistent with previous heats in which the low data was legal.”

Hauenstein concluded by saying the committee was encouraged by the fact that steps were being taken to alleviate some the problems which led to the situation.

Chairman Cole added, “This has been an involved process and I want to thank Fred Hauenstein, and his committee for their efforts. As we stated from the beginning, our goal was to apply the necessary time and effort needed to come to an accurate assessment of the equipment involved and the decision that had been reached as a result of the readings at the conclusion of our San Diego event.”

Cole conluded, “We can now put this event in our rear view mirrors and move forward to the Oryx Cup UIM World Championship in Doha, Qatar in January and the continued growth of the sport.”




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