Be part of the action by staying in an RV for San Diego Bayfair. RV spots are available on Crown Point, East Vacation Island and Fiesta Island. Enjoy five days and four nights in San Diego’s picturesque Mission Bay Park.

RV spaces start for as little as $375 for the weekend and include four Super Passes to the races. Select locations are available with car parking. Book now as space quickly fills up on East Vacation Island.

If you have any questions, call our volunteers at 858-578-7454.

Location Price Lot Size Credentials
East Vacation Isle: Area II $1,350 25' x 50' 1 RV & 1 Car to park in VIP section & 6 Super Passes
East Vacation Isle: Area III  $550 18' x 38'*  1 RV only and 4 Super Passes 
East Vacation Isle: Area III
Space A-T
$475 18' x 38'*  1 RV only and 4 Super Passes 
East Vacation Isle: Area IIII $750  18' x 38'* 1 RV only and 4 Super Passes 
Fiesta Island South  $475  12' x 55'  1 RV & 1 car or 2 RVs and 4 Super Passes
Fiesta Island North
Spaces 1-90 
$425  12' x 55'  1 RV & 1 car or 2 RVs and 4 Super Passes 
Fiesta Island North
Spaces 91-200 
$375  12' x 55' 1 RV & 1 car or 2 RVs and 4 Super Passes 
Crown Point Shores
South & Central Front Row 
$550  18' x 38'*  1 RV, 1 CP 3-Day Parking Pass and 4 Super Passes


All vehicles must fit completely within assigned space. All spaces are assigned.

East Vacation Island: For EVI II: Car passes included in RV packets will easily identify which cars are allowed in the concrete spaces of the corporate and VIP parking area. For all other EVI Areas: If you purchased additional car passes, you will receive a “Car” parking pass for WVI, the concrete area in front of Paradise Point Resort (look for the E-Z Up tent). Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis so a specific space is not guaranteed. (No car/truck parking on the grass.) Area A/B parking passes are available for anyone to purchase for $150.

Fiesta Island: The area across the road along the fence is primarily for vendors and concessions and allows for some car parking. If you purchased a car pass for this area, remember parking is on a first-come, first-served basis, so a specific space is not guaranteed. These passes are not for parking on/or by your RV spot or to be used for loading/unloading.

Crown Point Shores: RVs will be parked on the grass. Cars (parking pass is required) can be parked in the north area of Crown Point, if space is available. No in and out privileges or space guarantees with daily parking passes. Only 3-Day CP parking passes are allowed in and out privileges. Driving on the grass is not allowed (violators will be ticketed by the SDPD).

Move In/Out Dates and Times: Move in times for all areas is Thursday, September 12, 2019 after 12 pm. ALL RVs must be out by 12 pm., Monday, September 16, 2019. A fine will be impose and a spot won't be renewed until fine is paid.

RV Guidelines: In an effort to ensure everyone has a great time at this year’s event, we ask that you and your guests read and observe the RV Guidelines. The individual responsible for the RV space(s) must sign and return the second page of the RV Guidelines. We cannot send your RV package to you if we do not have a signed copy on the second page on file.